Stop getting into trouble!

I swear some people are just a glutton for punishment, aren’t they. This is the 6th time this year I have had to have you thrown in the clink for getting caught doing shit out on the streets. I think we need to have an interrogation session and find out what is really going on. “Guard, open the cell I’m going to chat with my parolee.” The cell door opens and there you are, naked and a huge hardon, and of course, you are smiling. I walk over to this pathetic bed. “Come here, get on your knees and eat my pussy.” You are really quite quick about it and it throws me off guard. And I think you have been improving your pussy licking skills with each jail visit because you have my pussy soaking in seconds. I push your head away, strip off my clothes as quickly as possible.Erotic roleplaying “Fuck the shit out of me, right now.” Your cock is so hard and I want it bad. You fuck me hard, deep; you’ve got me squealing every time you bottom out because you are almost too deep. “Cum inside me, right now while I cum all over your cock.” You pound my pussy fast and deep and grunt out your sperm into my pussy. I wrap my legs around you while you are still deep inside. “Why are you getting into trouble?” You tell me you don’t know any other way to get me to fuck you. Ahhh, well that explains it. “Meet me at my office tomorrow; we’ll be talking about this.”
“Guard! Open on 10, releasing parolee.”

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