Sucked Off My Study Buddy

Great blowjobsI remember this one time that I was paired up with a sexy nerd in one of my college classes to be study buddies together. We met up after our class one night and I decided to have some fun with him. I’m clearly way out of his league and he knows it so why not stir up the pot, I love doing the unexpected! He’s always super nervous around me, I can tell that the poor guy has absolutely no idea how to behave, let alone talk about anything other than what we’re studying in our textbooks, haha! His big bulge in his pants has been quite mysterious to me and I wanted to explore beneath his zipper! I came off really forward and just went for it, he was taken aback but didn’t oblige to anything that I was doing! Wow, what a pleasant surprise it was to find out that his cock and balls are monstrous! Of course I dove right in and devoured them with my wet tongue and plump lips, perfect for sucking a thick, rock hard dick! It didn’t take him long to want tot bust his huge load of cum down my throat as he was skull-fucking me deep! He tasted rather yummy, I know that I rocked his world! This was most likely the greatest moment of his entire existence! We got back to our studying and were able to focus so much better after our naughty break time!


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  1. Phil

    I’ll be your study buddy any day!

  2. Jeff

    The cum on your tits is so hot

  3. Demario

    Suck my throbbing cock you sexy ass slut!

  4. Frank D

    you so hot

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