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I love bringing big cocked bulls to my sugar daddy’s cabin. He has lots of money, but I always knew he was trying to overcompensate for something, if you know what I mean. Sometimes if sugar daddy gives me enough money, I let him watch. Sometimes if he’s really good, I’ll let him lick my bull’s heavy balls while I bounce up and down his enormous cock. Last weekend, sugar daddy offered to buy me a new condo so I knew he deserved a big reward. I brought my favorite bull to the cabin and made my sugar daddy get on his knees and forced him to get my bull’s fat cock wet for me. My cunt just gushes when I watch my sugar daddy cuck suck on the fat juicy cock of a real man. After my bull’s cock was dripping wet, I made sure to ride on top moaning loudly as his 11-incher stretched out my pussy. It was so hilarious looking back and watching my sugar daddy desperately jerk his pathetic penis. When my massive bull finished inside of me, I let sugar daddy have the honor of licking all the cream-pied cum that gushed outside of my pussy.

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