The Doctor Will See You Now

sexy babe gingerI knew as soon as he walked into my office that I wanted him. He came to me because he was addicted to phone sex. He couldn’t help himself. He called every night to hear her sexy voice. She took him to places that no one else seemed to be able to. As soon as he heard her sultry voice on the other end of the phone his dick would get so hard that it hurt. She puled him into her world of fetish and fantasy with ease, weaving tales of hot and steamy sex. I suggested that he meet me back at my office that night and call her with me there on speaker phone. Reluctantly he agreed and was right on time. As soon as the call connected and I heard her silky voice, my pussy responded just as his dick did. He couldn’t help himself and he began to rub his cock through his trousers. I walked around my desk and undid his pants taking his huge and throbbing cock out  and into my mouth. His breath caught in his throat and he moaned with pleasure. Lifting my skirt I pulled his hand down to my wet pussy. As the operator brought us both to the breaking point we came together, hard. I didn’t want the call to end. I enjoyed it as much as he did and could see why she had a hold on him. This was going to be a tough case.ginger sex specials

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