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Exhibitionist sex

I am not sure why I hadn’t noticed before but you can see into the bedroom of the Daughter of the Family that lives behind me. I was out on my balcony drinking some wine, and I noticed the houselights come on in their house. Their house sits below mine on a pretty good slope.  I certainly was not trying to looking into her bedroom but when that light came on my attention was drawn right to it.  I could see her on her phone, texting away, she was home for Christmas Break from college. Lovely girl.

A few days later I was sitting outside enjoying the view and reading when I saw movement in her bedroom.  She walked in and plopped down on her bed.  She once again was on her phone, after she hung up she closed her bedroom door, then started to take her jeans off.  I stopped looking at that point until my brain said, “Nobody will know, you are too far up for her to see you, so go and and look.” I put my book down and watched.  I thought she was just undressing to get into a shower or bath, but she just had her jeans and panties off.

She reached for something on the one side of her bed and when she brought it back up I could see it was a dildo.  She started to play with her pussy. She was very gentle with herself at first, then she started to push the dildo inside of herself, still going slowly.  I have to say I was becoming wet just watching.  She sped up the pace, her fingers were moving fast over her clit, the dildo was slamming in and out of her pussy.  She would stop every so often and just lay there breathing heavy.  Then she would start the whole thing over again.

She was on her third go when I saw her Mom’s car pull into their drive.  She must of heard it too because she quickened her movement.  She came just as her Mom went to the front of the house.  I saw her jump out of bed, pull her jeans back on and leave her room.  I stayed there for a few minutes then went inside and got myself off. I am really hoping that some point over the break she will have a boyfriend over and they fuck. I would just love to see that.

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