True Rumors

Fantasy phone sexI had some furniture that I needed moving out of my house and into my storage unit. There was no way I could move it myself so I called a moving company and I asked for them to send me the two biggest guys they had. A few hours later I heard a knock on my door and what do I see but two very fine black brothers. All of a sudden I was more interested in seeing what they are packing under their uniforms instead of getting my furniture moved. I was not subtle in my attempt to let them know I had another thing on my wicked little mind. I pushed the one brother back on my leather couch the very one I wanted to be moved and jumped on him straddling him. I would like to say he was surprised but I guess this kind of thing happens to him them. The other brother was joining us in seconds. It was almost like they were expecting it walking into my place. I giggled softly to myself and wonder if the true rumors about me and moving me are getting around town.

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