What drives you to serve a Domme?

Domination porn

Being a Dominant woman isn’t about being a bitch and telling you to get on your knees and worship. Granted some are like that, but that just isn’t my style. Men submit to me because I am assertive, confident and I work hard on my body and I deserve service. What I believe in, is true domination, mental, physical and emotional control. I make you want to submit to me with seduction, control, firm guidance and not putting up with a sassy sub. I don’t call my hubby a sissy because it’s a label I gave him. It’s a label he identifies with on his own; he knows exactly what he is internally. If you are a sub, sissy or any variation of that I am sure you have known it for a while. Or maybe you are just discovering that side. Whatever the basis might be, your training is essential. I’m not going to CBT you into submission, I won’t financially ruin you, and I don’t toy with subs emotions. I tell you what I want from you and how you need to accomplish it. I give my subs tasks, sometimes daily, some weekly. I’m not going to humiliate you into submission or demand it. I tell my subs, if they want to be owned, they need to ask. They need to know and reveal out loud to me who they are and what they need as a submissive or my sissy. Do you identify with anything I am talking about? Do you feel the internal need to be owned, used as my sexual toy or desire control over your sexual fantasies? Or do you just want some taboo play and need to be told how and when that play and satisfaction can happen. I would love to talk to you if you are feeling this way. Even if you aren’t quite sure where you fit, let’s find out together and explore some really intense sexual pleasure together. Shall we?

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