A Halftime Fuckfest

Fantasy Phone SexThe YMCA down the road has pickup basketball games on Thursday nights. I love to go and watch those men run up and down the court and getting all sweaty. There is one particular team I am passionate about and never miss a game. It is full of firefighters. One time I hadn’t been fucked in a while and was exceptionally horny. So, I decided to great them at halftime in the locker room. I would be there halftime snack. The made their way in and there I stood wearing only heels. They are pretty young and their dicks started standing to full attention. I didn’t even have to say a word. I got on my knees and started giving blow jobs, when suddenly I felt my self being lifted and then rammed in my sweet little pussy hole by a big, fat, hard cock. I continued blowing the guy while being fucked from behind. It was fucking hot. They took turns fucking me in all my holes, my mouth and my tits. I can’t even tell you how many times I orgasmed during this halftime fuckfest. Finally, a referee came back to see why they weren’t back on the court. His eyes grew wide as he witnessed this sight. Not wanting them to get a penalty I blew him too. Everyone went back to the game with smiles on their faces.

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