Don’t You Want A Taste?

shaved wet pussy

I know what men like to do to women like me. You love to get right down between my legs and lick my shaved wet pussy. I get told all the time that men love being able to see everything and know just where to stick your warm tongue. I know you also love seeing my puffy pussy lips and sucking on them. Sometimes when I am shaving, I think about all the things you are going to do to my pussy and I start getting wet. That’s why I had to stop getting waxed – I would get so wet that the wax wouldn’t stick. The lady who waxed me would get the giggles when it happened. Hey, I can’t help that I get horny really easily.
Getting fucked also feels so much better when my pussy is shaved. I love looking down and seeing how your cock looks going in and out of my wet hole. Don’t ever let a woman tell you she doesn’t want to shave her pussy. Just tell her you absolutely know that it will feel so much better if she just shaves. Maybe you can even offer to do it for her. Then you can go down on her and show her how good it feels.

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