Sexy Role Play With My Nieghbor

sexy babe fuck my neighbor all the time. When his wife isn’t home and we role play in my bed when my husbands at work. It has helped both of our sex lives actually. He likes to handcuff me to the bed while he fucks me in the ass. We pretend we are in a dungeon. He loves it when I use my strap on. I also put a blind fold on him while I suck his dick. He blind folds me when he eats my pussy. Then I send him home happy and satisfied. My husband never finds out. It’s our little secret role play. I like to wear a black thong and pink push-up bra. He likes me in silver heels. I always let him bend me over the kitchen table. My naughty sexy role-play then gets very hot as he pounds me hard on the table and tells me to take it all like the little whore I am. I wonder how long I can hide our little secret. Our fantasies are always so naughty. I let him cum in me of course.

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