Phone humiliation fun

phone humiliation

 I have a little sissy cock fairy boy that calls me so I can tease his tiny girly clit. He loves my special style of phone humiliation. It turns him on so much to hear what a little bitch he is. I can’t help but make fun of his pathetic boy pussy. I make him put on his pretty, silky panties and take videos of him prancing around for me. Sometimes he will surprise me with a sexy video of him rubbing his little clitty while he sucks a big, thick cock and swallows every drop of cum for me. I always giggle when I watch these videos because of the size of his little dicklett. That’s why I make him dress up for me so pretty and feminine. There is no way in hell, with a micro penis like that, that I could ever call it a dick or call him a man. He is a fairy fag with a fairy fag pussy and it’s my job to make sure he knows it!

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