Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanBeing submissive for my Dom boyfriend is my favorite thing to do. I love to feel his touch on me and I love it when he gives me the pain that I crave from his touch, and he loves having a Hot sexy woman. I get really freaky for my man because it’s what he wants and satisfying him gets me off. He loves to stick his big fat cock in my tight little asshole. And then as he’s ramming away he’ll spank my ass over and over, harder and harder, leaving big red handprints on my ass cheeks. Then he turns me around for missionary and keeps his dick in my ass as he chokes me and slaps me in the face. Just from feeling him in my ass I shudder in pleasure over and over again, orgasming from all the feelings he gives me. He starts to pound a little faster and I get close, and then all of a sudden he pulls out. He takes me by my hair and shoves my mouth onto his cock and starts to fuck my face, almost harder than he was fucking my asshole. His dick jerks and spurts as he cums down my throat, and I swallow it all for my man like a sexy and hot woman would.

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