All you need is a hot sexy woman and a apple to have fun!

Hot sexy woman

It’s safe to say I’m a hot sexy woman who just loves things in my mouth! Even if you have to get creative, being gagged and restrained is hot as fuck for anyone. The feeling of being helpless and totally at the mercy of whomever it is you’re playing with. Lord have mercy.

I was playing with my husband the other day, we were out in the field at my father in laws house. See, we go out of our way to have sex as many times a day in as many weird places as possible. The only problem is, I’m a screamer.

Next thing I know, I was bent over a haybale and he was shoving an apple into my mouth so no one would hear me scream as his 10-inch cock slid inside me.

Holy fuck was it the hottest thing in the whole world.

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