Ass Fetish And Foot Fetishes For The Night

Ass fetish

I had to jack him off with my feet. I have an Ass fetish so i love my asshole licked. That is why I bent over and spread my ass cheeks, he stuck his tongue out and started licking me. My knees went weak, and I just started grinding my asshole on his tongue more and more. He knew what he was doing because he stuck his fingers in my Shaved wet pussy and rubbed my clit with his thumb. That did it, i squirted all over his face, he tried to drink it all like a good boy. He has foot fetishes, and I knew he was throbbing hard now. I took my pretty painted feet and lathered them up. I used them to stroke his cock slowly and edge him until he was about to blast. Then I stopped. I did this a few times until he was begging me not to stop. Finally, he busted his nut all over my feet. When he splashed every last drop, he used it to massage my feet. We laid there naked as he rubbed his cum into my soft feet. It is our little secret to keeping my feet smooth.

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