Ass Fetish for the Mature Hot Teacher

ass fetishMy newest teacher’s pet has an ass fetish. Yesterday, I kept him after class to bang some erasers, LOL. I was sizing him up to be my latest teacher’s pet. I love hand picking a strapping lad each semester to take care of me after class and during my office hours. Rick is not my typical student. He seems to be a sexually submissive beta male. Any woman can find a use for a boy like that. He does not have a huge cock. Most of my pets I select based on how well I think they can fuck me. Rick is not a stud, but every mature woman I know can benefit from an eager ass and cunt licker. Rick has naughty teacher fantasies. He is so submissive that during our first alone encounter, he fell to his knees to worship my hot ass. I bent over my desk and spread my legs for him. I wanted him to sink his tongue deep in my shit box. He did not need to be told to toss my salad either. He just buried his face between my lady humps and cleaned up my ass and my cunt. Every mature woman I know can easily lay there with a young stud licking her dirty fuck holes. I did not fuck the boy. I probably will not fuck the boy as he only has about a four-inch cock. That is too short for any of my fuck holes. His tongue, however, is longer than his dick. I can make this submissive ass licker work for me. I will keep searching for a young buck to fuck this milf phone sex slut, but in the meantime, I have an ass and pussy slave who is eager to go down on his sexy teacher. Why would I not take advantage of him? I can sit on his face all day long.

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