Ass fetish is what this old grandpa has

My favorite friend, who I call grandpa, came over this weekend. I am the dream girl he wanted when he was young. He has an Ass fetish, and he worships my tight perky ass all night. When he gets there, he comes with gifts and my allowance. Grandpa asks me what his favorite young hottie has been doing. He likes to hear how many guys i have fucked or how many loads i have swallowed. When I tell grandpa what I have done, grandpa wants to smell and lick my asshole. I love the way his tongue feels deep in my ass. He takes his dentures off and can go deep in my asshole with his tongue without any teeth in the way. It always makes my pussy so wet, and he will gum my clit over and over. His dick still gets hard too and to my surprise it is nice and big. He won’t touch it or stroke it because he will cum very fast.

Ass fetish

I enjoy that he likes to make it last longer, it just means he licks my asshole more. Grandpa tells me how I remind him of a Sexy babe from his youth as he sucks on my clit and licks my ass. I finally cum all over his face and he asks for a favor. His knees are bad, but he loves to cum on my asshole. He loves seeing his cum spray my pretty booty hole. he lays back and I reverse cowgirl style and rub my asshole on his old hard dick. Within a few strokes he cums on my asshole. He is good to me and gives me my gift, it was a thick envelope.

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