Beth Gives the best head!

Great blowjobs

I just love giving pleasure. However, there is an art form to giving Great blowjobs. Do you want me to show you just how it is done?

The very tip of my tongue works its way from your balls up your cock. Swirling and pressing on that big fat vein that runs up the front of your cock. Lightly, blowing warm wet air on to your head before I grab just the tip with my lips. Grazing it softly with my teeth. My lips lock just under your head and I turn my head back and forth in a semi circle while my tongue laps your head. Once you are fully hard I suddenly go down as deep as I can. Pushing against my tonsils. 

Using the tip of my tongue again I work it up and down your shaft all while you fill my mouth. Sucking down hard and creating a vacuum I start to work my mouth up and down your shaft while making eye contact. Pushing until you cum deep into my mouth. 


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