Costume Contest with BDK

Cocksucking phone sex


On Halloween, I had a hell of a cum covered, cocksucking phone sex time judging a costume contest with my favorite daddy, #thekingofallkings, BDK, and a couple of his other favorite floozies.  That’s right, I spent the evening at the club picking which whore had the hottest, sluttiest get up with the man in my life worth the most money and two of his hottest white honeys, LeXXXi and Shyanne, and all of the other thirsty thots around us were jealous as hell.  You could tell, it was all over their faces just like BDK’s jizz was all over ours.

He was all dressed up in his jersey and special made, silk compression shorts, the best costume ever for a super bowl champ with a 13.5 inch black power cock!  The two white bitches and I were his hot cheerleaders in black skirts and pink tops with a big BDK patch prominently displayed on our titties.  Of course, mine was the biggest.  My boobs are way bigger than theirs were, my world class ass, too.  It’s cool, they were still fine as fuck and craved Big Daddy’s big ol’ dick as much as I do.  That’s all that mattered to me and to Big Daddy King.  As long as he’s happy, that’s all I need.

We watched all of the trollops prance and gallop around the dance floor as Big Daddy told us about some of the big dollar deals that he’s been making.  Hearing about a huge of haul of #125million will make any pussy start dripping and ours were no exceptions.  As we commented on all of the slinky sleazes dressed in their skimpiest costumes, asses and pussy lips hanging out, nips slipping with every step, LeXXXi and Shyanne started stroking his massive black anaconda.  I couldn’t watch for long without getting in on the action and was down on my knees right there at our table in the VIP section with his hogleg buried deep in my throat.  Shyanne wasn’t shy at all and joined me on the floor so we could both blow our main man at the same time.

Our mouths, combined with LeXXXi’s tongue in his ear, got him worked up really quickly and BDK had us up on the table, bent over and ready to be pounded in no time at all.  He’s really fast!  He took turns with each of our twats, fucking us really hard and fast from behind as the costumed crowd watched in awe.  He rammed his rock hard billionaire bone into our slimy slut holes so furiously that our table moved across the floor and out of the VIP area.  As he banged and banged and banged away at all three of us, we traveled through the crowd and to the bar.

Once the table couldn’t move anymore, Big Daddy pulled his pole out of my hole and blew his billionaire nut sauce all over our sweaty faces as we gasped for air.  The jealousy on the faces of every girl in the crowd was fucking priceless.  I wouldn’t trade reactions like that for any amount of money!  Big Daddy pulled up his compression shorts, ordered bottles of Cristal for the entire place and picked a skinny blonde dressed as a black cat as the winner of the contest.  It was a great night with my favorite, most impressive daddy with the biggest, blackest dick I’ve ever seen… mother fucking Big Daddy King!


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