Disgusting Sexy babe Saralina doesn’t shower

Disgusting Sexy babe Saralina doesn't shower

I’m a disgusting Sexy babe who will do anything a man tells me. One told me in order to fuck I had to not shower for a week. So, I didn’t shower for those seven days. When I came over, he already had his cock out, and when he smelled me, I saw it grow harder than a rock. I didn’t even wear any deodorant and he got out that nasty unwashed dick and started to fuck my armpits, making them smell wore than they already did. When he stopped, he pissed all over my face and body leaving me to smell rancid. My pussy was throbbing at the disgusting fucking piss being all over my smelly body. “You disgusting whore!” He yelled before he came all over my little body.

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