Erotic Play With Anna

Erotic Roleplaying Anna

                I know you like it when I wear your favorite set of heels while you fuck me only because we fucked like animals the first time I had them on. Your cock always makes me want to stuff your balls into my mouth. I love gliding my hands under your shirt as I push you up against the wall, sliding down that tall body of yours tugging and pulling those pants right off you to have your cock smack my face. Rubbing that cock with my big tits while you pull hard on these nipples and I tongue down that thick tip of your cock-all around that shaft down to those juicy balls. Mmmm mmm babe you taste so fucking good every time you cum in my mouth. I need you to shove it down deep this time. I want you to fill me up and make me beg for you to keep fucking me. Give me new kinks to crave while your away so I have a reason to tie you to my bed and take advantage of your 9 inch cock while looking into those handsome eyes honey.

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