Erotic Roleplaying for Discreet Lunch Breaks of Ecstasy

Erotic roleplaying is something I would like to entice you with. As my secret lover, and due to us both being married, let’s keep it exciting. Discreet meetings in cheap hotels over lunch hour. The ones on the Hwy that take cash and no questions asked. 

Ultimately you come to the room and I will be waiting for you in nothing but my silky thigh high stockings and my heels. Come in the room and undress for me lover. 

Finally we have our hour together to explore each other’s body. Kiss me deeply as my hand wonders to your stiffening cock. You will kiss my neck first as you caress my breasts. Then down to my breasts with your lips. 

Subsequently and without hesitation you start to lick, suck and nibble at my nipples. Moving down you dive right into my cunt. Slipping your tongue inside me. Sucking on my clit and just devouring my cunt. 

At this point my hands are in your hair as I hold your face in place. Make me cum all over your mouth. My body starts to shake and my cunt releases all over your tongue. 

Come on up and kiss me. Share my sweetness with me. Let me take your cock deep inside my cunt now. Slide it inside as I beg you to fuck me hard and deep.

Erotic roleplaying

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