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Erotic Roleplaying for Discreet Lunch Breaks of Ecstasy

Erotic roleplaying is something I would like to entice you with. As my secret lover, and due to us both being married, let’s keep it exciting. Discreet meetings in cheap hotels over lunch hour. The ones on the Hwy that take cash and no questions asked. 

Ultimately you come to the room and I will be waiting for you in nothing but my silky thigh high stockings and my heels. Come in the room and undress for me lover. 

Finally we have our hour together to explore each other’s body. Kiss me deeply as my hand wonders to your stiffening cock. You will kiss my neck first as you caress my breasts. Then down to my breasts with your lips. 

Subsequently and without hesitation you start to lick, suck and nibble at my nipples. Moving down you dive right into my cunt. Slipping your tongue inside me. Sucking on my clit and just devouring my cunt. 

At this point my hands are in your hair as I hold your face in place. Make me cum all over your mouth. My body starts to shake and my cunt releases all over your tongue. 

Come on up and kiss me. Share my sweetness with me. Let me take your cock deep inside my cunt now. Slide it inside as I beg you to fuck me hard and deep.

Erotic roleplaying

My Beautiful Ebony Pussy is Addicting

beautiful ebony pussyI took some time off from phone sex to travel the world as a featured dancer. I am a high-class ebony slut and men everywhere love eating my beautiful ebony pussy. Instead of traveling as a sexy stripper, I am going to go back to talking dirty and stripping at private gigs. I may go back out on the road in the future because I am a restless soul. For now, however, I am staying put for a while. Earlier in the week, I did my first private stripping gig locally. This wealthy man called me up because his son has jungle fever and is getting married soon. He wanted to throw him a bachelor party. I love stripping for white men, especially loaded white men. I arrived at their house in a private limo that they sent to get me. I was set up in a private room with a stripper pole already in it. There were no other guests. This was not the official bachelor party. This was daddy’s special present to his son, the groom. I was happy to give the groom a hot lap dance and a chance to eat my chocolate pussy. A big bag of cash and 5-star treatment, not to mention a great pussy licking made it all worth my time. It’s good to be back home. I can have just as exciting adventures locally as I can abroad.

My Favorite Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexWhere or where is my favorite cuck Blake? I actually miss talking to your pathetic ass and that sounds so funny coming from me. I love holding the key to your cage and your pin prick dripping out. You see my suction cup dildo, it gives me more pleasure than you and I want you to watch it disappear in my silky, velvet bald pussy. I love the way it looks when it gets wet all shiny and when I come on it you can see that milky substance. You of course aren’t allowed to come, I wonder if your wife has been letting you out to play, lol! I still laugh at you, just know you will never be a real man and you are lucky to even be present with such a beautiful young lady like myself. Whenever you want to come back I am holding that key and ready for you to lick my toy clean while my cunt is still going up and down on it.

Sexy Happy Ending Massage

Foot fetishes Lena2I went to get a late night massage last night at this new massage parlor that opened up near my house, little did I know, I was in for a very pleasurable and surprise happy ending! Upon arriving, I was greeted by my masseuse who was a super sexy hunk of a man! He had an accent and naughtily led me back to our private room where he would be giving me a sensual rub down! His hands were so big and strong as they grazed all over my perfect, petite body. I was moaning softly while he vigorously stroked me from head to toe. The way he touched all over me was driving me wild! I could feel my tight pussy begin to soak through the sheets on the massage table, I was that wet! I couldn’t control myself anymore and begged him to get on the table and fuck me! He said he had been waiting for me to say those words and he spread my legs open wide then wrapped them around his yummy waist! He plunged his throbbing cock deep inside of me and gently put his hand over my mouth to quiet the sounds of my moaning so that no one else in the massage parlor would hear! It was all so hott and sexy, especially because I got the ultimate happy ending! He busted a huge load of cum all up in my perfect pussy, I was drenched in the warm gooey mess! That was definitely the best massage that I have ever had and I will be back again very soon!