Erotic roleplaying has me as a slutty babysitter

When you are ready for Erotic roleplaying, you come to me. I am all for nasty fun and roleplays. Being a nanny was new for me. I was able to roleplay for a nasty daddy. He wanted me to dress in skimpy clothes. As long as I bent over to show my ass as much as I could is what he wanted. “Tease me any chance you get” he said, winking at me. Once you got back to the house and the were littles  all asleep you noticed a sound coming from your room.

After you walked in you saw my hands digging at my pussy. I was masturbating. Your wife’s dildo was in my cunt. I had snooped all through your drawers and found it. Since it was so big, and I was horny I decided to use it. The dildo was sliding in and out of my cunt when you said, “what are you doing in our room?” I quickly looked over to see you walking up to me. “I’m sorry the littles were asleep, and I got curious after I found this, ” I said pointing at the dildo.

Erotic roleplaying


“What a little slut you are, your job is to watch the littles” you smirk at me. But your face changed, and it became sinister as you moved closer to me. “Open your mouth hoe” you say as you pop your cock out of your pants. I didn’t want to get in trouble, so I did as you asked. While I sucked on your cock you spread my Sexy legs open and started to use your wife’s dildo on my cunt.

“My wife uses this often, ” you say to your babysitter. Then you ram your cock deeper into my mouth. “A nasty babysitter like you deserves to be used” you say as your ram both my holes. Finally, you start pumping your thick gooey nut in my mouth. “You are the best sitter I never had” you joke as I swallow your nut.

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