Erotic roleplaying has me being naughty cousin

I love Erotic roleplaying with my sugar daddies during the holidays. On Christmas he wanted me to be his sexy cousin that he has been wanting to fuck like when they were young. “I haven’t seen you since we were teen brats” he says to me as he hugs me. Then he whispers in my ear “last time we saw each other you let me cum in your ass”.

I don’t mind the roleplay because he pays me very well. “Yes, I remember, you knocked me up that night,” I said jokingly. “But I got rid of the little bun, so I can stay sexy and keep my pussy tight”. After we spent some time with the family, he pulled me into the bathroom. “Your cunt and asshole are all I ever jack off to” my cousin said to me with his cock in hand.

Erotic roleplaying

“First lick my ass like you used to”, I say giggling. After I bent over, he started lapping at my asshole. My cousin knows to lick my ass really well because I have an Ass fetish. Once my cunt was leaking from the licking, he used his hard family penis to rub my clit. His cock was so lubricated. Without too much force, he got his dick inside his cousin’s pussy like he had been wanting.

Therefore, he started fucking me hard. “Oh cousin, how i missed the way your pussy feels” he says moaning out loud. Since I know what my cousin likes, I bounced my pussy back on him. Finally, he started pumping in my cunt his thick load of semen. “You took every drop like you did when we were young”. He loves to roll play about his time with his cousin. Then he gave me a fat money bag as my gift before leaving.

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