Erotic roleplaying in the Gym with Naked Gwen~ 

Erotic roleplaying in the Gym with Gwen~ 

I couldn’t resist the urge any longer. I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the condo gym, my naked body gleaming in the dim light. I knew my neighbor, a towering man with a massive cock, frequented this gym.

As I stretched, my body throbbed with anticipation. I wanted to feel his thick shaft pounding into my tight holes. The sweat dripped from my body, mingling with the scent of arousal.

Suddenly, I heard his footsteps approaching. My heart raced as I turned to face him. His eyes widened as they raked over my naked form. A predatory gleam flashed in his gaze.

‘What are you doing here?’ he growled, his voice low and gravelly.

‘I… I came to work out,’ I stammered, my voice barely a whisper.

His lips curled into a smirk. ‘In the buff?’

‘Yes,’ I breathed, my body trembling.

He stepped forward, his massive cock straining against his shorts. ‘I think you need a different kind of workout, kitten.’

And with that, he lifted me onto the bench and claimed me as his own, his powerful thrusts filling me with an ecstasy that I had never experienced before.💦 Erotic roleplaying

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