Erotic Roleplaying: We are Married and Cheating Lovers

Hey Lover, I think we need to have a little mystery lunch date with erotic roleplaying. Meet me at noon at 123 Fantasy st. for a naughty rendevous. I will be wearing my black stockings and heels.

It is that time and I am awaiting my secret lover. And we always have the best of times together. Consequently this romantic getaway for an hour. And this hour will be intensely hot.

Obviously due to circumstances of our personal lives, this is the only way to give in to our desires. Understand that we are both married and have taken to each other for pure fucking passion.

So lets start the fantasy lover. We kiss and embrace on a snowy street in Manhatten. Both of us taking our lunches away in order to serve the passion we share. We are married and cheating.

It’s time that we get up to our room in the luxurious hotel and can’t wait. Undressing each other in passion and desire. I take your throbing cock in my mouth and start to pleasure you.

On the contrary it is not long before you are lifting me up and pushing me on my back. And so it’s my turn to get some pleasure.

Finally we must not waste time. Between my legs you start to lick my excited cunt. Driving your tongue inside me. Licking at my clit. Oh please lover, just fuck me now. I want you deep inside me.

Erotic Roleplaying isn’t the only kind of fantasy fucking we can have…

Just join me in explring erotic fantasies and having some good old fashioned pillow talk. Ultimately ia sexy partner to share secret desires with and to just talk to then I am happy to be her. In the end we will both be feeling good and have cum together. This is my goal with my lovers in mind.

Erotic roleplaying

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