Erotic roleplaying with my nasty sugar daddy

When I have my sugar daddy who loves Erotic roleplaying come over, I get excited. He always had fun roles for me to play. “Tonight, you will be my sexy slutty teacher that I always wanted to fuck” he says while groping my tits. First, I bend over my desk to make sure you can see my sexy ass and wet pussy since I didn’t have any panties on.

Erotic roleplaying

“You need to earn some extra credit if you want to pass my class” I say to my young student. Then I spread my legs and pointed to my pussy. “Eat me like you are hungry and I will start giving you credit for your missing assignments” I say eagerly. Right away he started licking me like a thirsty pupboy. “You are doing great but don’t forget my pretty rosebud” I say while pushing his head down.

Since I am a nasty slut with an Ass fetish, I like getting my ass licked. I want your tongue deep in my asshole. “Flick your tongue hard if you want to pass my class”. Therefore, you start licking me faster and faster. Then I rub my clit hard. Which always makes me squirt. Finally, when I do, you have a big smile on your face and say, “does this mean u pass the class?”. “Yes, I think you get a passing grade” I say while laughing. 

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