Exhibitionist Sex and Great Head in the Park

exhibitionist sexExhibitionist sex? Yes, please. I flashed my bald cunt to this cute boy the other day at the park. I was power walking and listening to music when I saw this buff boy. I say boy, because if he was 18, I would be surprised. I am not good at guessing ages, but I was not going to buy him a beer. I just wanted to tease him. I wanted to fuck him. Boy did I want to fuck him. He was tall. Height often corresponds with cock size. The taller the boy, the bigger the cock is always my hope. I flashed my cunt at him. He pulled out his cock for me. Holy shit. This tall white boy was hung like a porn star. Mature phone sex women love a challenge. I looked around and when I saw no one in the immediate vicinity, I pulled him into the wooded area with me. I got down on my knees quickly to take his forearm of a cock into my mouth. I am great with my mouth. He palmed the back of my head like a basketball. I was gagging. Cannot remember the last time I gagged on a cock. It is not that I suck small cocks. It is that I am just that good with big cocks. This boy was not just big. He was huge. He was aggressive too. He likes the sounds of girls struggling with his cock. I told him I was no girl. I was all woman. This was a challenge for me. I stepped up my game. I tilted my head back. I pulled him towards me, so he was standing over me. His cock slid down my throat. Sometimes it is all about the angle. I give great blowjobs. I had to show this boy that it was a cock sucking milf swallowing his rod, not some silly girl. I did not get his name, but I got his cum.

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