Foot fetishes

foot fetishes

I have a new interest in foot fetishes. I think it would be so sexy for a man to lick and suck on my toes and I stroke his cock and tell him how good he’s making my little toes feel. I would love to rub my feet all over a mans cock and get him to cum using just my sexy arches. I have such cute feet and I always get compliments on my pretty toes. I think it would be a perfect match to find a guy who with a foot fetish to let me rub my feet all over his face and drive him crazy while I stroke his cock. I would love for him to smell my toes and tell me how sweet they smell after being in my high heels all day at the office.  Iwalk around all day so they are all sweaty and aching when I get home. I would love to have a guy rub them and worship them.

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