Foot Fetishes For Christmas

foot fetishes

All his cock wants for Christmas is my two pretty feet. His foot fetishes are all he thinks about when it comes to this hot little tramp. I keep my pretty red polish and my ties perfectly manicured for his dick. I love watching how he slides that cute little cock between my toes.  His candy cane is Elf sized, not to say I haven’t met tripod Elves with dicks as long as they are tall. Now getting pounded by Santa’s little helper while he makes sweet love to my feet is quite the experience. Little midget Elves of the chocolate variety tend to pack a hard punch when fucking a bald tight cunt. My moans and sweet feet have my tiny dicked man in heaven. I guess I really should say all he wants for Christmas is My pussy pounded by dark-skinned elves with a big dick as he fucks my toes! Merry Christmas my sexy men big-dicked and small, check out our specials for some HolidayCuckold Phone sex Fun!cuckold phone sex

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