Small dick Humiliation

Small dick humiliationOmg ewwwwww! Look at that tiny little peepee! Did you for real think that I was gonna actually touch that ugly little thing? Umm, no fucking way! You got the wrong bitch right here cucky, there is no way I would ever want to fuck that thing! No, you have to go sit in the corner and watch me Fuck a real man, a man with a big cock, a cock that will actually satisfy me! Your itty bitty little clitty could never satisfy me. For real I doubt I would even feel it if I let you put it inside me! I bet that no girl that has ever seen you naked was able to look at that lil thing without laughing! I know I sure couldn’t! You are a pathetic little cucky boy and you will never, ever be anything else and we both know it! So quit pretending you’re a real man when clearly you are not!

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