foot fetishes for My sexy feet

foot fetishes

Erotic Humiliation for foot lovers does need the absolute best set of feet like mine.  Just be in awe of my long toes to grab and pinch those special places you get so hot over. The soles of my feet are a perfectly smooth and sensitive canvas. My pussy has a direct line to that sweet spot on my arches. I am willing to bet you didn’t know that “humiliation” comes from “humiliare”, or “to humble.”  And if you did already then we need to talk, because I love to humble a man with my tootsies! My feet lovers interested in foot fetish humiliation need a sexy bitch for some feet-centered BDSM power plays!  Just what are theses toes, soles, and heel pads capable of? This blog will center on Lusty feet and legs and how they can be used to taunt and berate you until you pop cummy loads between my toes! Oh, how I love to tease that your feet kink is something you should be ashamed of. We both know I don’t kink shame Unless shaming is your kink and well….”You are a dirty little feet-licking pervert aren’t you?” And you should be very ashamed of your perversions!” I know it’s all that Female domination porn that has you in a tizzy begging me to lick my soles. 

And what if you prefer a sensual GFE feet play session? I will never leave out my men who just love feet! In any form! I have bi-weekly pedicures and Treat my feet just as well as my perfect pink pussy! Nothing gets my pussy excited like a man who wants to suck my toes and fuck me at the same time! I have oils to drip on my feet and massagers that will help me masturbate my silky tight pussy while I rub and massage my feet! I can even get my big toe in my own mouth! We can fantasize that you’re sucking them and turning me on! Long story short, when you cum looking for feet, cum on mine!

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