Foot fetishes for my sissy friend

Foot fetishes are what one of my sissy friends has. He likes to come over after I had a good fuck session, and he begs to let him clean my cunt. I like squeezing my pussy when I get filled up. So, it is easy for me to keep the cum inside me. My sissy friend begs to clean my Shaved wet pussy after I get fucked, because he loves the taste of cum from my kitty. Even better, he will suck on each of my toes as if he was sucking cock. By the way he sucks my toes like they were cocks, it is like he has done it before many times. I don’t mind, I think it was part of his Sissy maid training. Once my feet are all wet and slippery from his tongue, I rub it on his small dicky I call his little clitty. I’ll squeeze his balls with my feet, and I even stick my toes in his tight asshole. He loves that and is lucky that I even do it. He is just a small dick sissy who deserves to only be used. If I wiggle my toes while in his asshole, he starts moaning like a bitch and his little dicky leaks all over my feet. Like the sissy maid he is, he knows to clean the cum mess of my feet.Foot fetishes

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