Foot fetishes makes my date cum

He emptied his balls all over my feet and showed me he had Foot fetishes. I went on a date with one of my coworkers’ brothers. Our night went so well, and I was horny, so I invited him back over to my place. There he told me how I was the woman of his dreams. I loved hearing that and made sure to show him why I am when I undressed and showed him my body. His cock was hard right away. After he took his clothes off, he started kissing my feet and working his way up my inner thighs. He slipped on my pussy like he was hungry while massaging my feet.

Foot fetishes

I didn’t even notice how much attention he was giving my feet because he was licking my cunt so well. He started stroking his cock, edging himself as he rubbed in between my toes. Then he used his cock to play with my clit before he stuffed it deep in my cunt. As he fucked me, he held my Sexy legs in the air kissing my feet. That is when i figured it out, his fetish was for my pretty feet. I played with my clit as he smelled and licked my feet. When I finally came all over his cock, he pulled out my wet pussy and squeezed my feet together. He used them to stroke his cock until he and jack it off until he drained and emptied his balls all over them. He rubbed his cum into my feet like lotion and told me it would keep them very soft.

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