Forced crossdressing

Forced crossdressing

I picked up a friend to play with tonight because I’m bored. I had been wanting to play with him like this so bad! I get wet thinking about all the wild things I could do to this guy. We fuck all the time when my husband is at work. He’s my sexy little afternoon hobby. I went shopping and got everything we need for a wild and sexy night! I know he won’t resist anything I try to do to him because he is my little fuck slave.He knows if he doesn’t listen and do as he’s told, I will punish his fuck hole with my huge black strap on cock. I’ve only had to punish his hole once before he started doing everything I told him to. I started by making him strip down completely naked. I handed him a hot pair of black lace thongs and a silky pair of  thigh high panty hose and tell him to put them on. He didn’t hesitate for a second and his cock got hard instantly as he slid them up his thighs. I reached over and started to stroke his hard cock as I made his slip into a sexy little tank top with slits cut out to expose his nipples. I bent down and licked his nipples as I stroked his hard cock. I could tell being dressed like a little sissy whore had him ready to shoot his hot load for me. I bent him over my bathroom sink and rammed my huge dildo deep in his little whore fuck hole. I made his put on lipstick and look at himself in the mirror and tell me what a little sissy bitch he was as he took the whole 12 inch cock. Cum oozed out of his hard cock and dripped down all over his sexy panty hose. Nothing like a little forced crossdressing to have my tight kitty dripping!

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