His dick was so small

cuckold phone sexUgh I hate man with little dicks, they are so useless! They really should know that they are useless too but some men honestly seem surprised when I laugh at them. This guy seemed great at first, he had money and took me out to a great restaurant but once we went back to my place and he took his pants off things went way downhill. I couldn’t help it I laughed like crazy when I saw that tiny dick of his and he had the nerve to get all offended! That thing was barely 2 inches long how could he not know that women need more than that?? I couldn’t have been the only woman to ever laugh at that dick. Anyway he was all mad but I just kept on laughing and called a friend of mine with a real cock to come over. I made him compare his tiny useless little dick to my friend’s huge one and when he saw that he actually cried can you believe that shit? I laughed the whole time my friend was fucking me and then I made him clean up my cum filled pussy too.

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