Getting Off With My Girl Friends

Sexy women masturbating

My girl friends and I were headed to Vegas to enjoy the night life and find some new guys to fuck along the way. We get into our hotel and start unpacking so we can go explore. While we are unpacking, suddenly we hear a bunch of moaning. We hear a woman’s voice moan and groan for more while her man fucks her good. I have to admit that this made my pussy wet. I had never heard a woman moan like this for a man. I unbuttoned my shirt so I could rub my nipples and slipped off my panties so I could rub my pussy. My friends soon followed after me, stripping down so they could get off to the woman getting fucked in the next room. We all started to moan with her as our clits got hard and our pussies got wetter. When she came, we all came with her, squirting all over the hotel room. 

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