He certainly got my attention quick!

best phone sexYou wanna know the best way to get my attention real quick? Spoil me rotten and I will put all of my attention right on you that is for sure! That’s why when I woke up to an email full of gift cards yesterday, I was sure to lavish my attention on the man that sent them. He is such a sweetie, he takes me shopping all the time but he’s out of town on business right now so I’m here all alone and he didn’t want me to be bored isn’t that sweet? He sent me gift cards for Victoria’s Secret and Amazon and even treated me to get a mani pedi too so I felt all spoiled and pampered. When he gets back from his trip I am going to make him the happiest man alive for taking such good care of me you can believe that! He is gonna feel so good he will never forget it!

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