He says my body is a wonderland

sexy ass pic

I’m a bonafide Cali girl but love to venture out to the south beach and new york sometimes. I love the fashion industry, especially in new york. I love rubbing elbows with the elite. All the socialites and celebrities are always on the prowl for some young pussy and hot exotic ones like me. When my good friend Rachel asked me to model in her show, I grabbed the attention of a sexy musician with plenty of hits under his belt and even plenty of ex-girlfriends.

When he caught a glimpse of me, he had to get to know me through my friend Rachel. He got my info and began texting me. Mr. J didn’t waste any time. Once he got a sexy ass pic, he needed to see me. I’ve dated guys in the industry, but this one was my crush growing up, so I was beyond excited and hid it as much as possible. My friend Rachel told me he was a freak in the sheets, and I knew that because that had always been a rumor all over Hollywood.

Boy, oh boy, was he a freak. He sang me one of my favorite songs and began to tell me how my body was an absolute wonderland. Mr. J kept telling me how perfect my Latina ass was and how he wanted me to smother his face with it and bounce it on his face. He began to say to me how he needed to be balls deep inside me and wanted me forever. After some good fucking we texted a bit but kept it at fuck buddy level because this one went a little too wild and would love to spend copious amounts just tasting me. All that is fun, but a girl needs to rest after some time.

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