He was set up

cuckold phone sexA friend of mine set up her husband with me so that I could show him his place in life. He has a tiny unsatisfying cock and she was fed up with him acting like it was the best thing on earth. So she sent him to me and I took him down a peg or two. I humiliated him by laughing at him. I told him that his dick was too small to satisfy anyone and his wife had been faking it for years. He didn’t believe me at first but once she came out and told him the same thing he changed his tune real quick. She finally let out all that frustration on him and at long last his attitude finally changed. She made him her bitch with my help and we turned him into the little cucky bitch he was meant to be, he even fluffed up her lover can you believe it? Now she finally has a happier marriage all thanks to me.

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