He was so sexy

best phone sexI met this guy yesterday and he was so damn sexy I just about lost my mind! He was everything I like, successful, wealthy, tall and fit my panties were soaked minutes after meeting him and all I could think was how can I make this man mine. Well we had a few drinks and I suggested we go back to my place and he was definitely into it so we left. We were all over each other things were going so well and then he took off his pants to reveal the smallest fucking dick I had ever seen in my life. I was so disappointed! He was the total package but his dick was barely 2 inches long what the fuck was I supposed to do with that?? He could tell I was upset and to give him credit he knew what would make me happy. He called a friend of his over and this guy had a huge dick worthy of fucking. It was hot to have the little dickie man watch me fuck his well endowed friend and he clearly liked it too because he squirted all over the place. Now he is going to be my rich boyfriend in public and my cucky in the bedroom its a perfect situation I think!

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