Hell of a Show

Great blowjobs


I’ve been thinking of lusting it doesn’t matter what the fuck you think of me. I love hard cocks I really get off to some fucking nasty shit. I am a dancer, and guys gather around my cunt they love how I fuck they love how I move to it turns them on. If you want to watch me, you better get ready for a hell of a show. I’ve got it together, and I can fuck all night if you want me to. This guy came into my club, and he was acting like he was the money man I caught him looking my way and that was my shot I had it over. When I got to his table I started dancing on him he really got hard as a rock. This guy like my attitude, so he started throwing hundred dollar bills at me. I dance like a sex-star I had a good time with this guy yeah. I am a hot bitch, and last night was for sure proof of it. But let me tell you I got the guy to go home with me so I could get more out of him. My pussy was so wet because he had Stacks and stacks of hundreds. I didn’t even care what his name was I called him money, man, and he was terrific. I let money man fuck me; however, he wanted to, and it was the fucking best. I have got to do it again sometime. The most significant part of it all is I made $5,000 off of his ass.

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