Help Mommy Get Daddy Back

Milf phone sexHey, dear, Mommy needs you to do her a big favor, okay? Have you noticed how your Daddy is never home, coming home late and going out early? Do you also notice how he comes back home with some lipstick on his collar or smelling of cheap perfume? Well, honey, your Daddy is cheating on me. No, honey, I’m not going to divorce your father. I’m going to cheat on him right back with someone that is going to hurt him the most. That’s you, silly! I know most Mommies don’t ask their sons to fuck them, but your cock is clean and you want to bring Daddy back, don’t you? Then, come over here and ram your cock into my pussy. I can see your cock is getting hard watching me play with my pussy. I love that I can make you hard like this. Slide your cock in me and your father will be so jealous he’ll have to come back. Your cock feels so good! Don’t stop!

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