Hi Mr. President

Erotic roleplaying

The president wants to kick me out of the fucking country. I’m afraid that if I don’t get a special meeting with the president me and my family will be kicked out of the country forever. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to tell the president, but I know that I have to do something and I’m desperate. I have always been a top money-making cunt slut in this country. The money that I make is all for my family it helps me to take care of everyone. I really have so many responsibilities because I have to send money back to my country to help my family that is still in my country. I suck dick all night long every night to make that cash to take care of my responsibilities. If I get this meeting with the president, I will lick his cock and make him feel that I need to stay. I was a young cum-slut when I first came to this country. I was selling my ass to whoever would pay me enough money. I was desperate, so my prices were low but now that I’m experienced and so much better at giving pussy I charge the right rates. I have pulled myself up from a nothing little scrunt to a top bitch. I saw the president at an exclusive Club he was in for essential people. Because I’m such a good slut whore, I’ve earned my way around the famous people. Now I have access to politicians and musicians actors just anyone who is anyone. I got into the president’s private VIP room I was wearing a tiny little skirt with no panties on. My ass was looking so good and tasty if I must say so myself. The president looked at me, and he said are you and nasty little trifling cum-dumpster slut? I told him I would be whatever you want me to be Mr. president because you make my pussy so wet. The president told me to drop down on my knees and suck his cock right there, so I drop down on my knees and started sucking his cock like a super pervert bitch. I sucked the president’s cock so good that he came in my mouth; the president told me to swallow his juices in front of him. I looked the president in his eyes, and I told him after I swallowed all of his cum that I really hope I pleased him. I said Mr. President I really don’t want you to kick me out of the country because I’ve been a good girl and being a bad girl and this is the only place I can make money to take care of my family. The president told me that I would have to do more than just suck some cock to convince him, so I took off all of my clothes, and it began. Hi, Mr. President I want you to know that I will do anything to stay in Great America. America is the land of the free money all I have to do is fuck and suck and dance and have a good time.

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