I get to be a Naughty teacher for young sugar daddy

I love when I can be a Naughty teacher for a young wealthy entrepreneur. “Teach me to make you cum with my tongue,” he begged. “Since you spoil me so well, I will teach you everything”. First you always need to learn to start by worshiping a hottie like me. Since you can afford me to teach you, tonight you will learn how to lick my pretty little rosebud. Therefore, I started to undress.

“You will follow my instructions and if you do well, I will reward you” I say, teasing him with my ass in his face. After I spread my sexy ass cheeks I said, “take your tongue and start flicking and teasing my asshole” I instructed him. Right away you do as I say. “Good job” I moan as I wiggle my ass in your face. My favorite part is that you need a teacher.

Naughty teacher

You aren’t experienced but have the money to do whatever you want. Plus, I have my own needs. I have an Ass fetish and I drip when I get my ass licked. “Push your tongue up inside my asshole” I said over and over. Finally, your tongue pushed inside me.

“Fuck my ass with your tongue!” I screamed as my pussy clenched and started squirting everywhere. “Wow I could make your pussy squirt if I just fuck you with my tongue?” You asked as you stroked your hard cock. “Yes, and I will show you how you can come from just me touching you” I teased him with my hand on his young rod. I spent the whole night roleplaying and teaching him all I wanted

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