I take pride in my cuckolding abilities

cuckold phone sexThere are few things I love more than sucking a nice thick dick. One of those things is teaching a straight married man how to suck said dick. I take great pride in my cuckolding abilities; in fact, they make me more than a little wet. When My neighbor and longtime Girl fuck buddy Mrs. Stevenson said that her husband wanted her to fuck men on the side, I chuckled. Over wine I asked does he really know what he is asking. Maybe he didn’t but the way her eyes lit up I knew he was fucked. I decided to ask her of we could first break him in with a swinger’s session. My boyfriend at the time was a High school jock turned construction worker. Tall and dark like 90 percent Cacao! And his cock was a steel cut ebony Gods. If her husband could handle watching her be fucked by my man meat, then I would say he might be ready for a taste of cuckold husband life. As the wine and Whiskey were passed around the less clothes, we each had on. My amusement killed the mood as I did find out that Mr. Stevenson had a pencil nub and, the look of horror as My BBC boy toy took out his cock and pistol whipped his wife with 11 solid inches of BBC told me all I need to know. It was long overdue that she gets fucked the way she should be and he needed humiliation at my hands and the BBC Cuckold Life of a small cock Husband.

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