I went shopping and brought home a prize

best phone sexI went shopping for plants yesterday, my cucky husband is putting in a pretty new garden for me and I wanted it to be perfect. I left him at home and just took his credit card, it’s a lot more fun for me to shop when he isn’t there to complain about how much I spend. Anyway, there was a sexy guy working in the garden section of the store I went to, I had to have him! I was so bold about it too, I just took him by the hand and led him to the back room and told him to fuck me. Well he had no problem doing that for sure! He had a huge cock too, nice and think and long, way bigger than my stupid husband for sure. I let him fuck me raw, I wanted all that cum in my pussy so I could make my cucky husband clean it all up. I went home with tons of plants and cum dripping down my leg, my husband said he wasn’t happy about either of those things but why should I give a fuck about that? I was going to give him his little prize whether he wanted it or not!

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