It’s Pathetic!

small dick humiliation

I love it when I get a call from a loser with a tiny dick. No, not because I’m going to let you try to convince me how much you really could please me with your cock if I’d just give you a chance. That will never happen, stubby. But what will happen is that you’re in for a nice, fun session of small dick humiliation. I mean, I can’t be the first woman to ever tell you how small it is, right? There’s no way anyone has ever been given an orgasm by such a pathetic little piece of meat.
When you call me, I think I’ll play one of my favorite games with you. I want to give you the names of household items and have you compare your pathetic cock to them. That’s a lot of fun and it’s sure to leave you feeling worse about your dick situation than you already were. Oh well. It’s not my problem that you were born with a small cock. I don’t care if you can’t help it. That doesn’t mean me or any other woman wants anything to do with it. So just go ahead and call me so I can get started with laughing at you.

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