Mistress Satisfaction


Erotic roleplaying

Call me Mistress satisfaction. I know how to give you all the naughty lustful fetishes that you want. I know how to drive your cock insane. You have been a bad fucking boy, and I know exactly what you’ve done. I knew that you were a problem; I knew that you were a few screws short in your toolset. You’re a loser you are a fucking faggot sissy piece of shit. I’m your ruler I am your fucking owner and you better not ever disobey me, or I’ll spank your ass until it’s red and raw. Every time I see your little bitch face, I get the urge to dominate you. I am your fucking owner everything I tell you to do is what you need to be doing. Your mommy had a weak son that’s right loser your mommy had a weak fucking sissy son. You don’t have any balls, but you have the fucking audacity to try and talk to a woman. You know that you like getting fucked you know that you like for me to put on my strap-on and RAM it in your fucking sissy ass. What gave you the thought that a woman would want to let you stick your little 2in dick inside of her pussy? I’ve always thought of you s a bitch I’ve always seen you as a faggot little sissy. Look at your face I think you’re going to cry you know why you’re going to cry? You are going to cry because you have no control over your female instincts you’re a woman Inside, and that little bitty dick is proof. You need to be flogged you need to be beaten you need to be fucked in your little butt pussy. Tonight I’m going to give you everything you need, and I’m not holding back at all.

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