Mutual masturbation stories of A Married boss and me

Mutual masturbation stories

If you need a Mutual masturbation stories woman read on. In your office you discover a vixen lust and she wants your cock badly. My pussy pulsates as I tell you the story of two co-workers engaged in an extramarital affair. I swallow hard, my throat feeling suddenly dry. But then, I calmly reach out and take hold of your tie, gently pulling you closer. We are both married and you’re my boss. Your eyes widen in surprise, but your body responds to my touch, leaning in towards me. As your lips meet mine, I can feel your cock in your slacks. 

Mutual masturbation stories

The kiss intensifies, our tongues dancing together as our hands begin to explore each other’s bodies. My fingers trace the outline of your hardening erection through your pants, sending a jolt of electricity through my own body. You reach up, pulling off your tie and undoing the buttons of my blouse, revealing my lace bra. Breaking the kiss, I remove the bra, revealing my erect nipples. Your eyes widen in appreciation, and you reach out to gently caress them. I moan softly in pleasure, arching my back towards you. Your hands then move down to my pussy and feel its wetness. This is more than Erotic roleplaying, it is everything! 

Erotic Fantasies served here!

You hesitate for a moment, your eyes locked on the sight before you. I can see the hesitation, and struggle within you, but I want you to take charge. I want to feel your hands on me, your lips on me, to be your conquest for the day. Slowly, you lean forward. Your fingers brush against my inner thigh,pushing past my panties. I catch my breath at the sensation, my pussy dripping in anticipation. Your touch sends a ripple of desire through my entire body. You lean closer, your lips a mere inch away from mine. “Are you sure you want your boss to make love to you?” you whisper, warm and seductive. I nod, my eyes locked onto yours. “Do it,” I urge you, my voice barely a whisper. “Take what you deserve,” I say. Your lips meet mine in a passionate kiss, and my cunt is yours. This is what I wanted, this is what your fantasy phone sex starlett deserves!

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